my chemical romance

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chemistry is a study of exceptions, is it really? don’t we all go through the same chemical romances? ah well, this quote is something which I felt was a good measure of what we all go through at-least once in our lives. 




reliving the past is not a good idea they said; empty words.





Quite the irony to find this outside a bar well past the clock had struck midnight.

Even when the sun was down and darkness had won the war yet again, the fact remains that there is always a shining light in the backdrop of our lives even though it seems as though the situation has stacked all the chips against us.

Remember these words then in those testing times, ‘you’re always somebody’s sunshine‘ – the reason they smile even in their trying times.

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“So how would you define a good poem?”
“It’s a good poem if I’m a different person when I’m finished reading it”


 Makes me question, do I even possess the right to make an attempt to write poetry?

Time will tell.


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“And still, after all this time, the Sun has never said to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
Look what happens with love like that.
It lights up the sky.”
― Rumi

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An irony at a distance

Courtesy: Terribly tiny tales

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“Then he drowned his aspirations down with the age old scotch; little did he know that she was far more toxic than the drink boiling on top of the stolid ice”

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As there are vicissitudes in the whether as the time in the day passes on, similar are the changes in our fortunes. We might be on a sunny day lying on the beach one day and the other tears from our moist eyes might go unnoticed by the sheer overwhelming emotional rain.

Emotion, it’s such a strange thing, fluctuating like the westerly wind, taking a toll on our helpless stranded thoughts. It’s widely believed that our behavior is a wonderful indicator of how we feel, I feel for those sorry and naive souls who believe that. Man has learned to wear masks to cover their emotional turmoil to create an aura of make-believe around them. This is because humans as a species care, they care about how they are perceived; display of strength in times of hardship is considered heroic, why is that so? Why can’t we just let go and why can’t people reject the notion of doing that as a flaw in character, a flaw indeed. Men are taught by their fathers to be stolid and be hard in such times; I want to challenge that notion.

Like we use the tender shade of trees to hide from the tyranny of the sun, the same way we hide behind these stone-hearted masks to escape the turmoil due to social embarrassment. We have learned to hide our emotions and ride on this wave of utter reserve.

Sigh! Only if we could change some of these ways, the world would be a simpler place to live in.